Provide customers a flawless, Touchless experience

No Wake Word Needed

Works from the moment users start talking, for a seamless and natural user experience

Privacy Guaranteed

Operates without identifying the user’s voice or face, or storing any personal data, eliminating all privacy concerns

Pinpoint Accuracy

Delivers the crystal clear voice accuracy of a recording studio, even in the noisiest environments for a smooth, frictionless experience

Intuitive Experience

Leverages your existing interface, so users instantly understand how to navigate using their voice

Unparalleled Touchless Technology Powered by Visual AI and Voice Recognition is a proprietary artificial intelligence technology that uses a standard front-facing camera, microphone, and dynamic vocabulary to eliminate any background noise and understand users with unprecedented accuracy.

Go Touchless

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Get up and running in three easy steps

1. Plug it in
Works right away with any kiosk, no complex hardware or additional setup necessary

2. Set it up
Installs easily with our snippet or Chrome extension, for developer-free, zero-code implementation

3. Get started
Go touchless right away and start letting your customers order with voice immediately

Preparing you for the voice-enabled future

Build Brand Loyalty

Uses face recognition to tailor experiences to each individual customer

Deploy Smart Virtual Agents

Employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable automated customer service

Deliver Next-Gen Experiences

Provides the tools to deliver new touchless voice interactions across all digital experiences

Leave Your Brand Untouched integrates seamlessly with your existing interface, sitting on top of every touch element without affecting your design or your overall brand





Pave The Way for The Future of Touchless Voice

Being heard is a fundamental human need.

Voice is the natural interface of the future, but today it’s still not intuitive for user or accurate enough in noisy environments. employs a wide array of proprietary technologies to overcome these challenges and pave the way for voice today - all while laying the groundwork for the next generation of voice-enabled innovations.

Go Touchless

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